Classroom Duties

Special Helper

  • Leads the class in line-ups.
  • Acts as class messenger.
  • Updates the class calendar and focus of the day.
  • Turns lights on at beginning of day.

Lunchtime Manager

  • Makes sure everyone cleans up after eating.

Blinds and Cloakroom Manager

  • Opens and closes blinds each day.
  • Checks the cloakroom is clean at the end of each day.
  • Checks that everyone has cleared out their cubbies at the end of each week.

Clean-Up Manager

  • Does a general check around the classroom at the end of each day.
  • Picks up any pencils, erasers, etc. that fell on the floor.
  • Makes sure everyone puts up their chair before leaving.
  • Turns lights off at end of day.


  • Manages our class book collection.
  • Checks for any late books.